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Livelihood Development Programme :


UJJIBAN  is  working  onLivelihood Development Programme for the Leprosy affected people and familymembers. Actually UJJIBAN worksfor the Socially excluded people towards the motto of mainstreaming. We are workingon this project at Jamuria, Lachipur, Kankardanga (Burnpur- Hirapur), Barakarand Chakdola Krishnanagar Leprosy colony under Asansol Sub- Division area, DistBurdwan. We are going to start our next destination at Durgapur and BahulaLeprosy Colony, Durgapur Sub Division Area, Dist Burdwan, West Bengal under Sasakawa Leprosy Foundation, NewDelhi. 


1.      Organized“Disaster Risk Management Programmes”in Burdwan and Purulia districts under GOI -- UNDP -GOWB.

Also Organized Gram Sansad level Programmes, Gram Panchayetlevel Programmes Block Level Programmes, Municipal level programmes, MunicipalCorporation level programmes including ward level (MC) Programmes. Year ofimplement of this work from2005-2008 (West Bengal State project report on DRMP focusedour work as case study)

2.      OrganizedDisaster Risk Reduction Programmes in Burdwan district under GOI-UNDP –GOWB.    (We have prepared 9 Nos. Gram Sansad plans,3Nos. Gram Panchayet Plans 3 Nos. Block Level Plan and District Level DRR Planin Burdwan). Year 2009-2010

3.      UJJIBAN03 prepared Multi Hazard District Disaster Management Plans in Burdwan (2007-08to 2013-14), Birbhum (2010-11, 2011-12), Purba Medinapur. (2011-12) underDistrict Magistrate of the respective districts.

4.      UJJIBAN03 organized awareness programmes for the students of Class VIII to XII ofGovernment aided Secondary & Higher Secondary 462 Nos. schools in Burdwandistrict.

5.      UJJIBAN03 organized Mock Drill programmes captioned “Face to Face

Training” Programmes under IGNOU in Burdwan and BankuraDistricts in 2012-13

6.      UJJIBAN03 organized training programmes on Mock Drill for the B.Sc , M. Sc Nursingstudents in Burdwan Nursing College in 2012-13. And Organized

awareness Programmes on Cancer and HIV-AIDS under CMOH,Burdwan

7.      UJJIBAN03 successfully organized awareness programmes on Disaster

Management under Resident Commissioner, GOWB, New Delhi andthe name of the programme was “BangaUtsab” in New Delhi Year - 2013-2014 through Boul Sangeet UJJIBAN 03successfully organized a lot of awareness programmes on Disaster Managementunder District Disaster Management Section in Burdwan At District Book FairKatwa in 2009-10, MATI UTSAB under GOWB, in 2012-13,

Book fair at Memari through KABI GAAN. And the same KabiGaan programme was organized under District Disaster Management Section inBankura as an awareness programme.


This KABI GAAN on Disaster Management was the opening songof SAMBIT - I at  Salt Lake stadium underState Inter Agency Group W.B, and Govt Of West Bengal.

8.      Organizedawareness and training programmes for the Gram Panchyat Disaster  Management Team Members of All 7 Nos. GPAusgram- I Block in Burdwan  District in2013 -2014.

9.      Organizedawareness and training programmes for the Gram Panchyat Disaster  Management TeamMembers Bamuntore GPSaltoraBlock Bankura 2011-12

10.  UJJIBAN03 organized Training Of Trainers programme on Mock Drill in

Sundarban Area 2011-12 under a Agency

11.  Organizedawareness programmes on Right to Education Act 2009 through

Kabi Gaan under Sarba Siksha Mission, Bankura in 2011-12

12.  UJJIBAN03 organized training programmes for the Cook, Helper on

Alternative Menu , Hygiene of Mid Day Meal under DistrictMagistrate (Food ) in  Burdwan district

13.  OrganizedSkill Development Programmes, Rural Entrepreneurship Development  Programmes, Micro Enterprise Development programmes(MEDP)- organized for the up-liftment of

14.  RuralWomen in different trades in different Districts like - Burdwan, Bankura,Purulia under NABARD


     UJJIBAN 03 organized Village Developmentprogrammes in Ausgram-II Block Dist Burdwan under NABARD's Assistance. Andlastly we have got State Level Award from NABARD

16.  Weobserves “International Water Day”on 22 March

17.   International Women's Day on 8th March everyyear.

18.  Workingas Self Help Promoting Institute under NABARD in Burdwan and Purulia Districts.(Formation and Nurturing Self Help Group and Joint Liability Group.

19.  OrganizedFinancial Inclusion Programmes in Ausgram-II, Memari –II and

Jamalpur Block Dist Burdwan under NABARD.

20.  Blanketsdistribution and Free Medical Checkup camp programme is our

Routine programme.

21.  Organizeda programme on Entrepreneurship Development in the name of

ARTHIK SABALAMBANERPATH” in Collaboration with Burdwan University at

Assembly Hall, Rajbati University Campus. There SWAMI SOMESWARANANDA

was present as a Chief Speaker.

22.  Organizeda Training Programme for the Cultivators in Collaboration with AdditionalDirector of Agriculture, Ausgram II in Burdwan.

23. UJJIBAN 03 organizedMock Drill programme under Face to Face Training Programme under IGNOU in Burdwan and Bankura Districtin 2012-13.

24. UJJIBAN 03 successfully organized awareness programmes on Disaster Management under ResidentCommissioner, GOWB, New Delhi.

25. OrganizedDisaster Management Training Programme at Durbachati Gram Panchyet in SundarbanArea , under SSDC.

26. OrganizedAwareness Programmes on Disaster Management Programme at  Durbachati Gram Panchyet, BlockPatharpratima, South 24 Paragans.

27. Organized Awareness Programmes of TOT on DRR at TSRD campus, Kamalpur, Sagar,South 24 Parganas , Aila effectedarea of West Bengal, India.

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